740 front craft cocktails

HOT Cocktail Suggestions for our stalworth Patio Diners

Bobbing for Apples – $8.50 (non-alcoholic – $5)
Fresh apple cider house made with cranberry, cinnamon, honey, & clove
featuring Mount Gay rum & a collar of sweetened bourbon cream on top

Arabian Nights – $8 (non-alcoholic – $5)
Tazo chai tea latte featuring house bourbon infused with apples, cinnamon, & clove

740 Irish Coffee – $8
Piping hot Lavazza coffee with house bourbon, sugar cube, & whipped cream on top

Spirited Coffee – $8
Piping hot Lavazza coffee with your choice of Bailey’s, Kahula, Frangelico, or Luxardo Amaretto

740 Favorites

O.S.O.F.  The Old School Old Fashioned – $13
Your choice of Laws’ 4 grain bourbon or Laws’ st. luis valley rye, angostura bitters, sugar

Old Town Fashioned – $13
Elijah Craig bourbon, sweet vermouth, muddled amaerna cherries & orange, angostura bitters

740 Barrel-aged Manhattan – $13
Redemption rye, carpano sweet vermouth, braulio amaro, luxardo amaretto, allspice liqueur, angostura bitters

Gold Rush – $9.5
  Jack Daniels  Tennessee whiskey ,lemon & lime juice with honey simple syrup

 740 Gin & Tonic – $8
Jack Rudy small batch craft tonic, spring 44 gin, fresh lime

Moscow Mule – $8.5
Local vodka, ginger beer, lime

Blackberry Mojito – $9.5
12 Point Distillery’s blackberry vodka, muddled mint, fresh lemon

*Pear-a-dise – $12
   Breckenridge pear vodka, St Germain, prosecco, fresh lemon

 Sunfire – $9
Vodka, blood orange juice, rosemary, lime, soda

Real Deal Margarita – $13
Fortaleza blanco, grove st. orange liqueur, lemon, lime

Dulce Diablo Margarita – $12.5
Cynthia’s sweet & spicy blackberry & habanero reduction, tequila, grove st. orange liqueur, lemon, lime